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NatureLoC - Vegetable and fruits Seeds for planting - Buy Online

Seeds and planting materials buy online

Seeds of various vegetables, Fruits & Flowers to be grown at your home garden. A seed is a life form, a new creation, that you desire to grow.What Kind Of Seeds Are You Planting? When and where? In your Terrace,Terrace gardening,kitchen garden 

Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council VFPCK Seeds
Vegetable seeds of 19 different types of High Yielding Crops suitable to the Agro Climatic conditions of the State are produced by 104 trained Seed Growers under the technical guidance of the Seed Technologist. Good quality seeds of high yielding vegetable Seeds These seeds are procured from the crops exclusively grown for seed extraction purpose.

Amaranthus - Arun
Ash gourd - Kau Local
Bottle gourd-Arka Bahar
Bitter gourd- Preethi
Chilli -Ujwala
Tomato- Anagha and more


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