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Coconut Shell (Chiratta)
Coconut Shell (Chiratta)
Coconut Shell (Chiratta)

Coconut Shell (Chiratta)

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    INGREDIENTS  Coconut Shell (Chiratta) 

    USES : For Ironing ,pooja dhoop, making cosmetics,hair coclouring,making decor items,kitchen utensils

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    Coconut Shell-Chiratta Dry Coconut Shell Buy online from

     Coconut Shell-Chiratta Dry Coconut Shell (ചിരട്ട)

    Chiratta Raw coconut shell- (ചിരട്ട) Crafts produced out of shells including sea shells, coconut shell have a tradition dating back to old times.Coconut shell crafts are a speciality of Kerala as Kerala has a plenitude of coconuts.  For many years, the coconut has been renowned for its flesh and milk. However, the shells from coconuts are also used for many different products. Did you know the coconut is also used in food products, as well as cosmetics such as shampoos? Other coconut products include mats and seat stuffing made from coconut fibres

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