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Tapioca Kappa Products

Tapioca/Kappa products Buy online - Dried Tapioca,Upperi Kappa
NatureLoc organic tapioca products such as Dried Tapioca (Unakka Kappa or Vaattu Kappa),Upperi Kappa or Sun-dried tapioca pieces,Tapioca (kappa Chips) buy online

Dried Tapioca  (Unakka Kappa or Vaattu Kappa)

Tapioca is a root extracted from the cassava plant. It is abundantly available in Kerala during the summer season and is called by the different names like 'Kappa' or 'Maracheeni'.Matured tapiocas are parboiled and dried in the sun so that it can be stored for longer periods. These dried tapiocas are called by the name 'Unakka Kappa' or 'Vaattu Kappa' (dried tapioca). During winter season these dried tapioca or Unakka kappa is normally used for the preparation of 'Kappa Puzhukku' or Tapioca with grounded coconut mixture. Fish curry and kappa puzhukku is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Kerala cuisines.

Upperi Kappa or Sun-dried tapioca pieces - Buy OnlineUpperi kappa or Sun-dried tapioca pieces are small square shaped tapioca slices. Raw tapiocas are finely sliced to get small square shaped pieces, these are then parboiled and sun dried to get ‘Upperi Kappa’ or ‘Vatta Kappa’.

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