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Vayambu - Sweet Flag

Vayambu - Sweet Flag


Vayambu or sweet flag is an ayurvedic plant which is usually seen in the nearby areas of ponds, lakes and streams.This is a herbal plant which possess amazing health benefits. It is commonly known as ‘Sweet Flag‘ in English.A ceremony in Kerala for n..

Kashaya Soap - Ayurveda Mix Plus

Kashaya Soap - Ayurveda Mix Plus


Kashaya Soap-Ayurveda Mix Plus Ayurveda Kashaya Soaps  Medicament -Handmade -Ayurveda Kashaya Soaps Ayurveda Mix Plus Kashaya Soap is manufactured by mixing, three times filtered coconut oil with kashayam prepared by using 18 ayurveda ..

Red Sandal Soap

Red Sandal Soap


Buy Online - Red Sandal Soap Rektha chandana soap (രക്ത ചന്ദന സോപ്പ്) Ayurvedic heritage combined with new age science to form a natural handmade herbal soap. Antibacterial, antifungal & antiseptic propertiesBlood purifying ..

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