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Aloe Vera Gel-Kattar Vazha Gel
Aloe Vera Gel-Kattar Vazha Gel
Aloe Vera Gel-Kattar Vazha Gel
Aloe Vera Gel-Kattar Vazha Gel

Aloe Vera Gel-Kattar Vazha Gel

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    Aloe Vera Gel -Kattar Vazha एलोवेरा Skin Hair
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    Buy Online Aloe Vera Gel-Kattar Vazha Gel pure and Natural एलोवेरा 

     Aloe Vera അലോ വേര ingredient many different cosmetic products

    एलोवेरा  Aloe Vera is actually one of 420 species of the aloe plant.   Aloe Vera is best known for its use as a gentle sunburn treatment,but the truth is that aloe vera (Kattar Vazha കറ്റാർ വാഴ)   is a very valuable ingredient in many different cosmetic products. Thanks to aloe’s moisturizing and invigorating properties, it can improve the look and feel of skin and hair. Incorporated into lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and even makeup, this makes aloe vera gel a powerful component to add to cosmetic formulations.

     Aloe Vera Powder Products details -Aloe Vera Multipurpose Beauty Gel for Skin and Hair

    • Packing type -Bottle
    • Net weight :50gm 
    • Expiry -2 Year
    • Main Ingredients - Aloe vera  Asphodelaceae
    • Brand: CKKMRCM Ayurbliss
    • Storage : Keep in cool dry place

    How can we use aloe vera gel  एलोवेरा  അലോ വേര ?

     After washing the hands, use the fingertips to apply a small amount of the gel to the face. Gently cleanse the face with the aloe vera using a circular motion, covering all the skin. Rinse with cool water and gently pat dry.

    Health benefits of aloe vera powder  Kattar Vazha  അലോ വേര

    Aloe vera  അലോ വേര is rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that may help protect your skin.  The important compounds i n aloe vera एलोवेराhave also been shown to neutralize the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation,repair your skin from existing UV damage,and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles

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    Customer questions & answers

    Question:Is it 100% pure aloe gel?

    Answer:Yes its pure aloe vera gel An Ayurbliss product

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