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Arimurukku Rice Chakli
Arimurukku Rice Chakli
Arimurukku Rice Chakli

Arimurukku Rice Chakli

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    INGREDIENTS: Ari Murukku, Crunchy Snacks, Kerala Mullu Murukku.  South Indian fried snack round spiral shape made with rice flour,uzhunu parippu,urad dal powder, spices like red chilli, hing ,sesame seeds.  Savoury, crunchy ready to eat  Kerala snack.

    SHELF LIFE: Ari Murukku,  stays up to four weeks if stored well

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    NatureLoC - Kerala Style Mullu Murukku - Buy Online

    Murukku മുറുക്ക് A crispy crunchy deep fried South Indian made with rice flour and urad dal flour. Chakli, chakuli, chakralu and jantikalu are the other Indian names to these. There are so many variations of murukku using sago, besan, white flour, fried gram, rice batter etc, all lend a different texture and taste. This one is very different with an aroma of roasted urad flour and are crunchy as well light in texture.

    What is Murukku ? Kerala Style Mullu Murukku | Rice Chakli

    Murukku മുറുക്ക് Tamil - முறுக்கு) is a savoury, crunchy snack originating from the Indian subcontinent. The name murukku derives from the Tamil word for "twisted", which refers to its shape. 

    In India, murukku is especially popular in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is called murkul in Telangana.

    Ready to eat Kerala Snacks - Ari Murukku  different varieties

    • The dish has many variations, resulting from the types and proportions of flours used. 
    • Mullu Muruku has an uneven texture that gives it an extra crunch. 'Mullu' refers to thorns in Tamil and the snack derives its name from this. 
    • The Kai Murukku (literally, "hand murukku") is made by hand using a stiffer dough. 
    • Pakoda murukku is another ribbon-shaped variety of the snack.
    • Attayampatti Kai Murukku, a town in Tamil Nadu, is known for its unique variety of murukkus, known as Manapparai murukku. This Manapparai murukku got famous because of Mr. Krishnan Iyer who prepared and sold this first in Manapparai.

    Mullu Murukku മുറുക്ക് Product Specifications 

    Packet : One Packet (100gm)

    Material features : Vegetarian

    Ingredients : Rice Flour,Gram Flour,Asafoetida,Salt,Chilli powder etc..,

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    Customer questions & answers

    Question:Is it rice or maida?

    Answer:Rice chakli is made from rice flour

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