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Cinnamon roll (Dalchini) -  High Quality
Cinnamon roll (Dalchini) -  High Quality
Cinnamon roll (Dalchini) -  High Quality

Cinnamon roll (Dalchini) - High Quality

Cinnamon roll (Dalchini) - High Quality

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    Cinnamon roll - High Quality,Cinnamon, Karuvapatta
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Cinnamon roll -  High Quality

Since ancient times, cinnamon is known to be one of the first traded and most popular spice around the world. More than 250 species and subspecies of this product are in use at present, comes from a family of Lauraceae. Of all the different varieties, Ceylon cinnamon is known to be the most rare and expensive variety in the market. Due to unique chemical properties over other varieties, Ceylon variety has a high reputation and demand in the world.

This valuable spice has been noted as the most beneficial among the rest in the spice industry. Besides being a spice in nature, it was used as medicine, medical production, perfume production as well as soft drinks. Currently, cinnamon is widely used in pharmaceutical industries, bakeries and cosmetic industries throughout the world.


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