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Clay Cooking Pot - Mankalam
Clay Cooking Pot - Mankalam
Clay Cooking Pot - Mankalam

Clay Cooking Pot - Mankalam

Clay Cooking Pot - Mankalam

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    Clay Cooking Pot, Clay Pot, Mankalam,Earthen Pots,Mankalam
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Clay Cooking Pot, Clay Pot, Mankalam, Manpatram, Earthen Pots, Nadan Mankalam - Buy Online

Clay Pot - Traditional Rough Finish

Clay Pots or Mankalam മൺകലം is traditionally popular cooking vessel and its prominently used in making boiled rice, payasam, rice porridge, sambar etc. Unlike other clay vessels, this variety has more height and the opening portion at the top has less diameter compared to normal curry pot. Clay pots are an indigenous cooking vessel made from genuine quality clay. Clay cooking vessels are very popular across the globe. Making process involves artisans, placing the clay on top of a running wheel, using bare hands, moulding it to the shape of cookery pot, after drying, heating this within a furnace-like structure. Wood is the main raw material used in these furnaces as burning wood would provide the heat required for the moulded clay to get fired and become strong. The use of wood gives away smoke and ash which sometimes results in giving away dark spots on these clay cookwares, it's quite natural and healthy. The initial use of clay cookwares involves the seasoning process which when compared to other utensils is really a simple process. Have a look at the dimensional details of these clay fish curry pot. 

Dimensions of Clay Cooking Pot, Clay Pot, Mankalam, Manpatram, Earthen Pots, Nadan Mankalam

  • Weight - 800gm - 1.2kg
  • Diametre at the top - 15cm -19cm
  • Height - 12cm -16cm

Note: Since these clay cookwares are handmade using traditional pottery techniques, size and shape of each product may slightly vary. 

Dimensions of Appachatty, Clay Appachatty, Clay Earthenware Appam Pan, Vella Appam Pan, Vellayappa Chatty

കഞ്ഞി കോപ്പ  മൺകലം മഞ്ചട്ടി അപ്പച്ചട്ടി

These Clay Curry Pots are hand crafted by our artisans in Kerala  and very traditional. The pots are unglazed, and totally free of any toxic materials or lead and 100% Eco friendly.

Material ; mitti clay

Handmade Curry Pot

Made In India -Region -Kerala Handmade

Color: Brown, Export Quality, 100% natural clay, Non-toxic, Eco Friendly, Can be used on Gas stove, open fire, 100% nutrients from the ingredients is retained in your cooking, Moisture content of the food is retained thus making your food juicer, tender and fresher than conventional cooking

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