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Darbha Grass
Darbha Grass
Darbha Grass

Darbha Grass

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    Darbha Grass, Durva Grass, Kusha Grass
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    Darbha Grass (Desmotachya bipinnata), Durva Grass, ദർഭ ഗ്രാസ് Kusha Grass from India is a tropical grass considered a sacred material in Vedic scriptures and is said to purify the offerings during such rituals. Dharbam is a sacred holy grass which has the ability to absorb radiation and correct magnetic field issues. Due to its amazing properties, its used in various parts of religious practices like homam, tharpanam etc.

    At the time of eclipse, people place the grass in food items that could ferment and once the eclipse ends the grass is removed. Further, the scientists say that darbha could be used as a natural food preservative in place of harmful chemical preservatives and the artificial surfaces mimicking the hierarchical nano patterns on the surface of darbha grass could find applications in health care where sterile conditions were required.

    Darbha Grass Uses: ദർഭ ഗ്രാസ്

    • While chanting hymns, hold a bunch of Darbha grass, dipping the tip into a pot full of water. The positive vibrations of the mantras recited are believed to be absorbed by water in the pot through the grass. The recharged water is then sprinkled to purify the surroundings.
    • While performing fire ritual, Darbha grass is placed on four sides of the sacred fireplace.
    • While chanting verses from the Vedas, one has to wear a ring made of Darbha grass on one’s right hand ring finger as a protective shield from negative vibrations.
    • The number of Darbha leaves used depends on the ceremony that is being performed:
    • For ceremonies related to death - only one Darbha leaf is used.
    • For auspicious and daily rituals - a ring made of two leaves is used.
    • For inauspicious but not death related functions — Amavasya Tharpanam, Pithra Puja — a three-leaf Darbha ring is used.
    • For temple prayers and puja - a four-leaf Darbha ring is used.

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