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Dry Ginger Coffee Powder (Chukku Kappi Podi)
Dry Ginger Coffee Powder (Chukku Kappi Podi)
Dry Ginger Coffee Powder (Chukku Kappi Podi)

Dry Ginger Coffee Powder (Chukku Kappi Podi)

Dry Ginger Coffee Powder (Chukku Kappi Podi)

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    Coffee Powder- a refreshing coffee rejuvenating your day.
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Dry ginger coffee or Chukku kappi podi - Buy Online (ചുക്ക്  കാപ്പി പൊടി)

How to prepare Dry ginger coffee? ചുക്ക്  കാപ്പി  തയ്യാർ ആക്കുന്ന വിധം?

Ginger coffee is best for a refreshing cup of black coffee rejuvenating your day.

Add one table spoon full or ginger coffee into a cup of boiled water and enjoy the taste and smell of the misty mountains.

Dry ginger coffee Ingredients

  • Dried ginger ചുക്ക്  
  • Black pepper കുരുമുളക്
  • Tulsi/Thulsi/Thulasi തുളസി
  • Cumin seed ജീരകം
  • Coffee കാപ്പി പൊടി
  • Fenugreek ഉലുവ
  • Coriander മല്ലി
  • Clove ഗ്രാമ്പൂ/കരയാമ്പൂ
  • Cinnamon കറുവപ്പട്ട
  • Cardamom ഏലക്കായ
  • and palm jaggery കരുപ്പെട്ടി

Health benefits of Dry ginger coffee

Dry ginger coffee or Chukku kappi (ചുക്ക്  കാപ്പി) is a herbal decoction with medicinal qualities. It contains pungent spices like dry ginger, cumin and peppercorns along with aromatic herbs like holy basil or Tulasi.തുളസി The strong spicy and sweet flavoured coffee helps in alleviating cough and cold, mild fever, nasal congestions and throat infections. The botanical name of dry ginger or chukka is Zingiber Officinalis. It is one of an extensively used ingredient in many of the Ayurvedic medicines. Dry ginger coffee or Chukku kappi is known to have the following health benefits.

  • It helps to stimulate digestion
  • Naturally freshens the breath
  • Helps to relieve nausea
  • Provides relief against the dizziness from motion sickness
  • Plays a positive role in reducing blood cholesterol level
  • Provides relief against bloating
  • Soothes common cold symptoms and respiratory health problems
  • Believed to have Anti-Cancer properties
  • Useful against headaches

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