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Dry Ginger Powder
Dry Ginger Powder
Dry Ginger Powder

Dry Ginger Powder

Dry Ginger Powder

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    Dry Ginger Powder, Chukku Podi
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Dry Ginger Powder (Chukku Podi) - Buy Online

A spice with unique taste and health benefits, dry ginger powder is used to prepare gravies, bake cakes and cookies. It is also a weight loss agent and an excellent skin toner.

Dry Ginger Powder - Chucku podi unique taste and health benefits

The rhizome of ginger is dried to get dry ginger which is also known as Sunthi/sonth in Ayurveda. This can be pulverised to make ginger powder. Dried ginger oral intake improves body immunity to fight infections and promotes longevity. It is aromatic, pungent, sweet and hot in potency. It decreases vata, kapha and increases pitta in body. It is good for heart, head, respiratory system and digestive system.

Ginger powder (Chukku Podi/Chukku Powder) is faecal astringent and can cause constipation. Also, it increases pitta/bile. Therefore, take this medicinal herb in the recommended dosage to get maximum benefits and less side-effects.

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