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Idli Dosa Chutney Powder

Idli Dosa Chutney Powder

Idli Dosa Chutney Powder

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    Idli, Dosa chutney powder
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Idli, Dosa chutney powder, Idli podi, idli Milagai podi

Idli, Dosa chutney powder or idli Milagai podi is the perfect recipe served as a side dish for the most popular South Indian breakfast dishes like Dosa and Idli. It is made with a mixture of Urad dal and Channa dal along with unique combination of spices. Idli podi preparation varies as we move across the South Indian states. Roasting plays a key role in its making as it determines its taste and the colour. Traditional Idli chutney variety has a light brownish orange texture with a medium spicy flavour.

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