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Nannari (Naruneendi) - Roots
Nannari (Naruneendi) - Roots
Nannari (Naruneendi) - Roots

Nannari (Naruneendi) - Roots

Nannari (Naruneendi) - Roots

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    Naruneendi,Indian Sarsaparilla,Anantamul
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Naruneendi or Indian Sarsaparilla is a climbing herbal plant which has several health beneficial qualities. This vine comes from a long, tuberous rootstock and grows up to a height of 3m. The root of this plant is believed to be a good Ayurvedic medicine for blood purification. Roots have a pleasant smell and a unique taste, outer surface has a brown texture with a whitish colour on the inside. Dried and chopped Naruneendi or Indian Sarsaparilla roots are used for making syrup called ‘Nannari syrup’. This syrup is extensively used for making a thirst quenching drink called ‘Nannari Sarbath’ popular in Southern parts of India. Although many of the health benefits of Naruneendi or Indian Sarsaparilla roots are not supported by scientific evidences, they are used for the following conditions.

  • Known to be useful for a healthy body and mental functions.
  • Considered to be an effective medicine for rheumatism, urinary tract diseases, skin infections and arthritis.
  • Believed to be a good medicine for piles with painful bleeding.
  • Used in the treatment of jaundice, gonorrhea, insect bites, leucoderma and dysentery.
  • It is known to have the beneficial qualities against rheumatic disorders, gout, arthritis and glandular swellings

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