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Neelibringadhi hair oil Special

Neelibringadhi hair oil Special

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    Cochin Arya vaidya Shala
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    INGREDIENTS: Key ingredient in Neelibringadhi hair oil is Bhringaraj, coconut oil, coconut milk and herbs like Amalaki, Brahmi, and Nilayamari.

    HOW TO USE: Apply Bringadi oil in hair before bath.

    SHELF LIFE: Neelibringadhi hair oil stays 12 months.

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    Neelibringadhi hair oil (special) is an ayurvedic hair oil traditionally used to improve the quality of the hair. It is externally applied over the scalp and gently massaged for five minutes. This is one of the most famous Ayurvedic hair oil for problems related to hair growth. The central and main ingredient in this hair oil is Bhringaraj, a powerful and well rounded tonic for the plasma, bone marrow and blood . Coconut oil as the medium, with the additional support of coconut milk and cow's milk, this ayurvedic oil carries its healing power deep into the blood to sooth and calm an overactive pitha. It also helps in moisturizing and nourishing the hair and helps the scalp to soften and strengthen them.

    In addition to this bhringaraj nourish, neelibrigadhi special blend includes a number of ayurvedic herbs Amalaki, Brahmi, and Nilayamari. These herbs enhance the ojas, restores calmness and clarity to the mind and relieves stress. The base oil being natural coconut oil, it serves as the best oil of choice for hair growth in children. Apart from treating hair-fall, premature graying, dry and brittle hair, this particular oil treats dandruff well on regular use.

    How to use Neelibringadhi Oil?

    • This is used for external application only. It is applied over the scalp, followed by gentle massage for 5 to 6 minutes.
    • Or it can be applied at night and hair wash can be done in the morning.
    • Or it can also be applied in the morning, half an hour before head bath.
    • Small quantities of this oil can be applied for daily use.

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