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Murivenna SP - Roll On
Murivenna SP - Roll On
Murivenna SP - Roll On

Murivenna SP - Roll On

Murivenna SP - Roll On

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    Murivenna SP - Roll On
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Murivenna is an Ayurvedic medicinal oil traditionally used for the treatment of acute injuries like cramps, sprain, bruises, swellings, joint pains and fractures. It is popular across the people from Kerala. Good quality coconut oil is used as its ingredient. The presence of highly potent herbs makes it one of effective Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of acute injuries which involves swollen and painful sites. Depending on different cases, it is applied over the whole body or over the site of the injury.

Murivenna special massage oil

Special preparation of the classical oil Murivenna, that gives more effect for body pain and aches, sprains etc.

  • Usage: Warm and apply all over the body/specific area and do massaging.
  • Packing Quantity: 10ML Roll on
  • Bottle :25ML
  • Manufacturer: RCM CKKM Ayurbliss


  • Sathavari
  • Palandu
  • Kumari
  • Sigru
  • Karanjam
  • Tharthaval
  • Coconut Oil

Tags: Murivenna SP Pain Oil / Murivenna SP Thailam Roll On, Ayurvedic products

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