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Thaleesapathrathi choornam

Thaleesapathrathi choornam

Thaleesapathrathi choornam

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Talispatradi choornam or Thaleesapathrathi choornam an effective natural medicine for cough and breathing trouble

Talispatradi choornam or Thaleesapathrathi choornam an effective ayurvedic churnam for cough and cold,indigestion,vomiting,respiratory diseases and other digestive diseases. This churnam is an effective in all types of cough and asthma. It is used to treat inflammation,fever,anemia,digestive problems.  Therapeutic uses of thaleesapthradi choornam to treat lack of appetite,all types of cough,bronchitis,useful for indigestion.

This  Classical ayurvedic preparation consisting of 7 ayurvedic ingredients used to treat cough,lack of appetite,breathing trouble

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