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Karkkidaka Kanji Pack
Karkkidaka Kanji Pack
Karkkidaka Kanji Pack
Karkkidaka Kanji Pack
Karkkidaka Kanji Pack
Karkkidaka Kanji Pack

Karkkidaka Kanji Pack

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    Oushadha Kanji unique medicinal porridge traditionally
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    RCM-CKKM Pharmaceutical Products

    Karkidaka Kanji, Oushadha Kanji is one of a unique medicinal porridge traditionally popular in the South Indian state of Kerala during the rainy season. The Malayalam month of Karkidakom roughly falls in between July and August of the gregorian calendar. During this time, with the incessant rains beating down the roof, this month is spent in rejuvenation of the mind and body. The unique combination of herbs, spices and rice in this dish would keep the monsoon fevers at bay and have a positive effect against some of the common diseases of rainy season like arthritis (Vatham in Malayalam). This is a special diet in Ayurveda which is good for the people of all age groups as it would help to improve the immunity of the body and acts as a detoxifying agent.

    Karkidaka Kanji Pack contains:

    • Navara Rice - 550 gm - 700 gm (70gmX7 packets)
    • Medicinal Powder (Oushadhakootu) - 5gm X 7 packets 
    • Induppu 15gm X 1 Pkt
    • Ashali, Jeerakam, Uluva


    The shastika rice is boiled in water, when it is properly cooked the medicated choornas are added and mixed well. It can be seasoned with ghee and shallots and jeera and fenugreek seeds to enhance the flavour.

    • For emaciated people and with fatigues: the coconut milk and jaggery can be added.
    • Swelling and water retention: thazhutama can be added.
    • Hypercholaestraemia:  muthira, uluva can be added.
    • For asthama and breathing difficulty: garlic(1-2 pods), small piece of ginger, yashtimadhu powder(1pinch) can be added.

    In present scenario where lifestyle syndrome are seen, the Karkidaka treatments occupies a prime place as it provides promising results in immunomodulation of our body and making us disease free.

    • Take 1 packet of rice from the box , wash it and cook it in 1 L water along with the herbal powder. 
    • Add ghee fried ashali , fenugreek and cumin seeds. 
    • Add scraped coconut , indupp and cooked green gram if desired. 
    • Use it for breakfast or dinner for 7 days

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    Tags: Karkkidaka Kanji Pack - Marunnu Kanji Pack Navara Rice with Choornam, ayurvedic products Description Ashali, Garden cress or Halim seeds are one of the prominent ayurvedic ingredient used for the preparation of Karkidaka Marunnu Kanji or Medicinal porridge. These light red coloured seeds have a similar size as that of cumin seeds. If you combine Garden Cress seeds with liquid, minutes later it expands and become very gelatinous in its texture. The outer layers of the seeds would soak up water so it can surround the seed with moisture while it germinates. It makes the seeds swell up, and turns real soft. Medicinal properties of garden cress (Lepidium sativum) have been recognized for centuries in India and Europe, Karkidakam Specials,

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