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Thorth - Kerala Coloured Bath Towels
Thorth - Kerala Coloured Bath Towels
Thorth - Kerala Coloured Bath Towels

Thorth - Kerala Coloured Bath Towels

Thorth - Kerala Coloured Bath Towels

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    Thorth - Kerala Bath Towel coloured Towels
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NatureLoC Kerala Thorth (തോർത്തു)- Kerala coloured bath towel specifications

NatureLoC - Thorth Kerala Colored Bath Towel 100% Cotton - Buy Online

Pamper yourself with this soft touch of NatueLoC's Kerala Bath Towel. Nothing feels better than the warm, soft feel of a premium quality towel after a tiring day or work. It also leaves you with a feeling of comfort that energies you for the rest of the day

Kerala bath towel - Thorth Coloured thorth (തോർത്തു)

Towels shouldn't just only be of great quality but should be attractive too. It just not absorbs the wetness, but also makes your skin feel special. It is a must-have addition to your bath collection. Top-grade Cotton is used in the making of these towels to ensure a high comfort level. The towel attains greater longevity owing to quick drying and easy washing.

Kerala bath towel - Thorth Coloured thorth   Product Details:

  • Length: 52.5IN/120cm - 130cm
  • Width: 25Inch/55cm - 67cm
  • available colours-ash,blue,bottle blue,pink,rose...
  • Note: Color may vary depending upon the availability.

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