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Varpu (bronze)
Varpu (bronze)
Varpu (bronze)

Varpu (bronze)

Varpu (bronze)

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    Varpu (bronze)
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Varpu (വാർപ്പ്)

Varpu, a large cauldron made from cast bronze was used to make Ayurveda Medicines and meals during festivals in homes and temples. As these vessels were shallow they were perfect for making medicine as one need to churn the same to keep the temperature even plus, it is believed some of the metal reacted with the herbs making them more potent. Nowadays, these are also used as a decorative item in the foyers of homes and hotels across India.

Varpu (വാർപ്പ്) Features

  • Polished Varpu with handles.
  • Weight between 0.7kg to 1kg
  • Diameter of 13cm - 15.5cm

 Once you have made an order, we will despatch it within 3- 5 days.

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