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Panam Podi - Palm flour

Panam Podi - Palm flour


Panam-Podi (പനം പൊടി) Palm-flour-Buy OnlinePalm powder white powder have high value a lot of proteins and vitamins. It is one of the richest and purest natural foods ever discovered, and the incredible nutritional and medicinal value of pollen has be..

Ragi - Finger Millets

Ragi - Finger Millets


Buy Online RagiRagi diet for diabetes,cholesterol and high B.P -Ragi (Muthary, Koovaraku , Panja pullu) Finger milletRagi or Finger millet - Buy OnlineRagi or Finger millet is one of an important cereal variety which occupies the highest area of cult..


Ragi Flour - Ragi Powder

Ragi Flour - Ragi Powder

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Buy Online Ragi Powder  - Soft,delicious and 100 natural Ragi diet for diabetes,cholesterol and high B.P - Ragi Powder. Ragi (Muthary, Koovaraku , Panja pullu) Finger milletIngredients - Ragi Seeds How to use Ragi Powder ? - Direc..

Eenthu Podi - Cycas Seeds Flour

Eenthu Podi - Cycas Seeds Flour


Buy Online Eenthu Flour (ഈന്തങ്ങ പൊടി) Queen sago palm – Cycas CircinalisCycas circinalis—or ‘eenth’ as it is locally called in Kerala—is a small, evergreen, palm-like tree growingto 25 ft. in height and found in the deciduous forest up to 1200 ..

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