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Ragi Flour - Ragi Powder

Ragi Flour - Ragi Powder

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    INGREDIENTS: Ragi Powder -Muthary, Koovaraku , Panja pullu Finger millet.  Benefits: Ragi is considered as a ‘nutritional -cereal’ because of its good nutritional values, high level of calcium and iron content in Ragi is useful for the bone growth and overall development of the infants. 

     HOW TO USE: Take two tablespoons of Ragi Powder in a clean bowl.   Add 250 ml of cool water or milk, stir it well and boil the mixture till it becomes a semi-solid form. .  Add sugar or jaggery or salt to taste.

    SHELFLIFE : 3 Months in n airtight container

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    Buy Online Ragi Powder  - Soft,delicious and 100 natural 

    Ragi diet for diabetes,cholesterol and high B.P - Ragi Powder. Ragi (Muthary, Koovaraku , Panja pullu) Finger millet

    Ingredients - Ragi Seeds 

    How to use Ragi Powder ? - Direction to prepare Ragi Porridge

    Take two tablespoons of Ragi Powder in a clean bowl. 

    Add 250 ml of cool water or milk, stir it well and boil the mixture till it becomes a semi-solid form. 

    Add sugar or jaggery or salt to taste.

    Pregnant and lactating women are advised to consume ragi powder in high amounts to increase the production of breast milk in the body and it will enable the mother to feed the child for a longer period of time. Because of high level of magnesium, Ragi is a great food for women who suffer from unbearable pain and cramps during their menstrual cycle. Phosphorus content in millet helps to structure the cells in the body.

    Best before 6 months from packaging.

    Nutritional Facts : Approximate main nutrient per serving of 100g 370 calories from 2.3% fat

    • Total carbohydrate73 g
    • Total Protein15 g
    • Total Fat2.8 mg
    • Cured Fiber40 (1%)
    • Calcium40 mg
    • Sodium4.03 mg
    • Iron20 mg

    About Ragi

    Ragi (Finger Millet) is a small-seeded grain with brick red dark colored fibrous seed coat.  The millet is considered as Nutri-cereal because of its good nutritional values,especially with respect to high level of calcium,micronutrient contents and sulphur amino acids rich proteins 

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