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Induppu, Rock Salt - Buy Online Sandha Namak Order online

Induppu, Rock Salt - Buy Online Sandha Namak Order online

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Order Online Induppu, Rock Salt - Buy Online Sandha Namak (ഇന്ദുപ്പ്) fro NatureLoC.com

Rock salt or Induppu is a commonly used salt variety in Ayurvedic medicines. Calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and iron are few minerals present in these pink salts. Induppu is the Malayalam name for rock salt, adding it in diet can re-establish the delicate balance between sodium and potassium. Of all these elements, the presence of Iron oxide gives away the light pink colour to the salt. The presence of essential minerals and trace elements replenish our body and aids our well-being. As with the use of common salt in our daily diet, rock salt can be a perfect addition to any meal. It is perfect as a seasoning agent for meat and dairy products, vegetables and soups.

Rock salt is also believed to have a positive effect on lowering the blood pressure levels of the body. It is considered as a good salt variety for high blood pressure patients since the daily maximum allowed intake of sodium (6g) is often fulfilled and overtaken by far by the hidden salt in the processed foods, ready meal etc. 

Induppu in different languages

  • Botanical Name: Himalayan Salt
  • English Name: Rock Salt
  • Tamil Name: இந்துப்பு / Induppu
  • Hindi Name: संधा नमक / Sandha Namak
  • Malayalam Name: ഇൻഡുപ്പ്,ഇന്ദുപ്പ് / Indupp
  • Telugu Name : రతి ఉప్పు / Rati Uppu

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