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Induppu -Pink Salt  Hand Grinder Bottle

Induppu -Pink Salt Hand Grinder Bottle

Induppu -Pink Salt Hand Grinder Bottle

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    Induppu -Pink Salt Hand Grinder Bottle
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Rock salt or Induppu in hand grinding mill bottle is one of a well sought out product which is popular among household customers as well as industries. The purest pink salt is unprocessed by chemicals or any synthetic adulterants, known to be the best natural alternative to table salt. Reusable glass grinding bottle filled with crystallized pink salt, in turn, can be powdered by rotating the cap in a clockwise direction. The resultant powder size can be varied to our choice by turning a nob at the top.

Reusable Glass Grinding Bottle 

Each bottle contains 100gm of crystallized rock salt 

How to use Induppu in Hand Grinder Bottle, Rock Salt in Grinder Bottle?

  • Open the lid.
  • Turn the ceramic screw for adjusting the granule size.
  • Hold the bottle and rotate clockwise direction.
  • Close the lid firmly after use.

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