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Rubco Nutri KO - Natural Virgin Coconut Oil
Rubco Nutri KO - Natural Virgin Coconut Oil
Rubco Nutri KO - Natural Virgin Coconut Oil

Rubco Nutri KO - Natural Virgin Coconut Oil

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    Rubco Nutri KO - Natural Virgin Coconut Oil From
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    Rubco Nutriko Virgin Coconut oil is an excellent cooking oil, which enhances the flavour and taste of many recipes and dishes. It is zero cholesterol oil which is rapidly metabolised by the human body into energy and not cholesterol. The nutritional and medicinal values of Rubco Nutiko virgin coconut oil is not lost in heating because of its very high ‘Smoke Point’

    Coconut Oil Nutri-KO Virgin Coconut Oil’

    Nutri-KO Virgin Coconut Oil’  free from preservatives/chemicals.  It is the best natural tonic for body skin and rich in Vitamin E, D and K.  Virgin coconut oil nourishes and moisturises the skin, prevents drying, scaling and flaking of skin.  It is non-sticky and quickly absorbed into body tissues and hair follicles.  It contains natural Vitamin E and other antioxidants which enhance the health of skin and strengthens the muscles, bones and joints.

    Nutri-KO Virgin Coconut Oil is excellent for all skin types, especially for new born babies and infants as it has anti bacterial, anti fungal and other anti-microbial properties. Its bactericidal, fungicidal and viricidal properties protect the baby from various infections. It is an excellent remedy for diaper rash and helps in maintaining a soft skin.

    It comes in an attractive green and white plastic bottle package with flip opening and natural aroma.

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