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Kerala Snacks Hamper

Kerala Snacks Hamper

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    NatureLoC Freshly Prepared Homemade Kerala Snacks

    > Banana Chips – 250 gm

    > Sarkara Varatty – 250 gm

    > Jackfruit Chips – 250 gm

    > Kerala Mixture – 250 gm

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    Buy NatureLoc special snack box and enjoy the taste of south.

    Hamper Includes 250 gm Banana Chips +250 gm Sarkara Varatty + 250 gm Jackfruit Chips + 250 gm Kerala Mixture

    Banana Chips

    Banana chips (കായ വറുത്തത്) are crispy tea time snacks made of Nendran Kaya or bananas popular across the state of Kerala. Pure coconut oil is used in frying raw banana slices and the inclusion of salt imparts a unique taste to the dish.

    Sarkara Varatty

    Sarkara Varatti or Banana chips coated with jaggery is a traditional sweet dish popular among the Keralites. It is also known by the name ‘Sarkara Upperi’. It’s extensively prepared during Onam festival season and used as a side dish in sadyas. Chopped banana pieces and jaggery are the essential ingredients in making this snack. Good quality raw bananas are used for making Sarkara Upperi. The use of jaggery imparts a sweet taste and a dark brown colour. The inclusion of dried ginger and cardamom provides a traditional taste and a light spicy flavour. Also, coconut oil enhances the taste.

    Jackfruit Chips

    Chakka varuthathu or Jackfruit chips are a signature recipe from the South Indian state of Kerala Jackfruit is a seasonal fruit easily available in Kerala.  Matured jackfruit before ripe is used for making this traditional recipe. Although the extraction of edible segments (Chakka Chola) from the jackfruit is a tedious process, preparation of jackfruit chips from the sliced and shaped jackfruit segments or Chakka chola is an easy process.

    Kerala Mixture

    The mixture is a very popular snack variety available across the country. Pertaining to different areas of the country, various varieties are popular in the market. Some of the popular mixture variants are Kerala mixture, Madras Mixture, Bombay mix, Gujarathi mix and Punjabi mix. Among these, Kerala mixture is a spicy, crispy variety popular across the state of Kerala. This savoury, spicy snack is a delight and truly quite addictive.  

    A pack of 4 authentic south Indian snacks to make your onam celebration a special one. Box includes Banana chips, Jackfruit chips, Kerala mixture and Sharkara Varatti.

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    Thanks to Natureloc. Finally I got a place to order natural & fresh baby foods from the comfort of my home. The products delivered are so fresh and homemade so that we can give to kids happily..
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    Bangalore is the Super store from where I usually order all my favorite homemade delicacies & kitchenware.. :)
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    Purity of your ghee will help in my pregnancy
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    Mortar and Pestle (Idikallu) -Stone : " Loved it"