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Cardamom (Elakkaya ) - Elachi
Cardamom (Elakkaya ) - Elachi
Cardamom (Elakkaya ) - Elachi
Cardamom (Elakkaya ) - Elachi

Cardamom (Elakkaya ) - Elachi

Cardamom (Elakkaya ) - Elachi

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    Best Quality Cardamom from Kerala
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Buy Online Elakka (Cardamom) : Naturally sourced green cardamom ( elaichi ) dried and packed from farms Kerala Cardamom

What is Cardamom (Elachi or Elakai) and cardamom pod? ഏലക്കായ് Kerala Cardamom

Cardamom (ˈkɑːdəməm/ˈkɑrdəməm/) (elakkay ഏലക്കായ്)) Elachi are the dried fruits of perennial herbs. An aromatic spice indigenous to south India and Sri Lanka.Sometimes called cardamon or Elachi or Elakai,are one the most expensive and highest priced spices after vanilla and saffron. Cardamom seeds have a pleasant aroma and a characteristic warm,slightly pungent taste.The word “cardamom”  is derived from the Latin cardamomum

  • Health Benefits: Anti-Inflammatory property, Rich in anti Oxidants, Cancer fighting compounds, controls bad breath
  • Material feature : veg
  • Storage : In dry and cool place
  • Shelf life : 3-4 years

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