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Honey - Vanthen - Honey Buy online

Honey - Vanthen - Honey Buy online

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Forest honey - Kattu then - Van Then - Honey Buy online

Buy online forest honey or kattu then from natureloc.  Forest honey (Kattu then - van then) Bees make honey from the nectar that they collect from flowers, other plant saps and honeydew are used to a minor extent. This honey colour, aroma and consistency of honey all depend upon which flowers the bees have been foraging. Forager honeybees are always female worker bees. The queen bee and drone bees never forage for food.

Honey - As food for humans

Honey is a useful source of high-carbohydrate food, and usually contains a rich diversity of minor constituents (minerals, proteins, vitamins and others), adding nutritional variety to human diets.

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