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Kurumthotti Unakkiyatu
Kurumthotti Unakkiyatu
Kurumthotti Unakkiyatu

Kurumthotti Unakkiyatu

Kurumthotti Unakkiyatu

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    Kurumthotti Unakkiyatu, Dried Country Mallow, Sida Cordifolia
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Kurumthotti or Country mallow is one of a perennial subshrub which belongs to the mallow family Malvaceae, native to India. Its botanical name is Sida cordifoloia and in Ayurveda, it is known by the name Bala which refers to strength.  Traditional Ayurvedic medicines make use of this herb as it can play a key role in strengthening our bones, muscles and joints. Paste prepared with Bala and water are applied externally to relieve joint pain, headache and inflammation. According to Ayurveda, the elevated wind element, the vatha dosha create dryness in the channels and this would lead to the blockage of energy flow which in turn results in vatah rogas in eighty different varieties. The roots of Sida Cordifolia, Kurumthotti are one among the chief herbs used for the treatment of vatha rogas (Rheumatic disorders).

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