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Nalpamaram bark

Nalpamaram bark

Nalpamaram bark

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    Nalpamaram bark , Nalpamaram tholi
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Nalpamara bark or podi or Nalpamaram powder is a traditional Ayurvedic powder used for the treatment of several ailments. It is prepared from four different plants such as Aththi (Cluster Fig Tree /Indian Fig Tree / Goolar (Gular) Fig), Ethi (Mesquite tree), Arayal (bodhi tree / pippala tree / peepal tree / ashwattha tree) and Peral (Banyan Tree). This powdered mixture has a brown texture and a unique aroma. In Kerala, these are commonly used for the treatment of skin diseases, Dermatitis, Herpes, Eczema allergic skin diseases such as ring worm infestation. Water boiled with Nalpamaram podi or Nalpamaram powder attains a light brownish red texture, mothers make use of this water for bathing as it would help to reduce pregnancy stretch marks. 

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