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Malar, Popped Rice, Puffed Rice - Buy Online

Malar, Popped Rice, Puffed Rice - Buy Online

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Buy Online Malar, Popped Rice, Puffed Rice from NatureLoC.com

Puffed Rice, Popped Rice or Malar is nothing but a type of puffed grain made from rice, used commonly in breakfast cereal or snack foods.  It is prepared by heating rice kernels under high pressure in the presence of steam. In temples of South Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, it is used as an offering. Famous pilgrims of Sabarimala uses puffed rice or Malar in their Irumudikkettu along with jaggery and is offered to Lord Ayyappan. Malar or popped rice is one of a popular street food variety in India. Some of the popular snacks like Bhel puri and Chaat varieties make use this puffed rice as main ingredient. Health benefits of using  popped rice is also well known, water boiled with malar is given as a refreshing drink in ayurvedic medications. Porridge or Kanji made of Puffed rice is known to be a great rejuvenator.

Malar in different languages

In Hindi-मलार
In Tamil -கன்ன
In Kannada-Kaṉṉa
In Malayalam മലര് malar,malaru
In English popped rice Puffed Rice

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