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Nilavilakku (Brass oil lamp)
Nilavilakku (Brass oil lamp)
Nilavilakku (Brass oil lamp)

Nilavilakku (Brass oil lamp)

Nilavilakku (Brass oil lamp)

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    Kerala Traditional Brass Oil Lamp Oil Diya Lamp
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Traditional brass oil lamp Nilavilakku (നിലവിളക്ക്)

Nilavilakku, (നിലവിളക്ക്) the upright bronze wick lamp with a pointed top is the traditional lamp which is an integral component for all rituals and ceremonies in Kerala.

Nilavilakku Product Details Traditional Lamps -Kerala Lamps

Type 1 Nilavilakku

  • Height 15-20cm
  • Upper Width -6cm-8cm
  • Base diameter - 6cm-8cm
  • Weight - 400-490gm

Type 2 Traditional Oil Lamp

  • Height - 18cm-21cm
  • Upper Width - 6cm-9cm
  • Base Width - 6cm-9cm
  • Weight - 450-570gm

Type 3 Nilavilakku (നിലവിളക്ക്)

  • Height -21cm- 25cm
  • Upper Width - 08cm-11cm
  • Base Width - 8cm -11cm
  • Weight - 600gm - 740gm

Type 4 Small Nilavilakku

  • Height - 8cm-10 cm
  • Upper Width -3cm- 4.5 cm
  • Base Width - 3cm - 4cm
  • Weight - 80gm - 150gm

Type 4 Very Small Nilavilakku

  • Height - 6-8cm
  • Upper Width - 2cm-4 cm
  • Base Width - 2cm-5 cm
  • Weight - 60-80gm

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