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Uruli (Bronze)
Uruli (Bronze)
Uruli (Bronze)

Uruli (Bronze)

Uruli (Bronze)

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    Uruli (bronze), Traditional Kitchen Utensils
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Uruli Buy Online, Diameter of 18cm - Traditional Kerala Kitchen Utensils (ഉരുളി)

Another bronze cooking vessel of the olden days, Uruli (ഉരുളി) is commonly used for serving food, and also for small scale cooking like preparing side dishes. It has polished interior and exteriors, and enchanting looks.

Uruli (ഉരുളി) in different sizes

The common size is 12 inches. Now Urulis with bronze carvings is used for interior decoration in luxury hotels, corporate offices, visiting halls of houses etc. Nowadays many luxury hotels use Urulis to serve food for their guests, as Urulis have majestic and hygienic looks apart from its tradition, and is easy to clean and maintain. Besides, it can withstand and maintain heat for a long time, which helps the hoteliers to use Urulis as a casserole.

Uruli (ഉരുളി) Features

  • It has a diameter of 17cm -18cm
  • Total weight will be 700gm- 1 kg
  • Really polished and shining surface with golden colour.

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