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Orila crushed/dried Sarivan (Desmodium gangeticum) - Buy Online

Orila crushed/dried Sarivan (Desmodium gangeticum) - Buy Online

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Buy Online Orila crushed/dried Sarivan (Desmodium gangeticum)

Orila crushed/dried Sarivan (Desmodium gangeticum) - Buy Online

Desmodim gangeticum (Orila) in the Fabaceae family. Leaf stalks are 0.4-2 cm long. Pea-flower shaped flowers are borne in racemes at the end of branches, or in leaf axils.

It is a herb which usually grows in Kerala, Assam and Bengal .It is well known for its cardio protective action. The decoction made from its root is useful in various heart diseases and also helps to strengthen the cardiac muscle.

  • Useful Part: Whole Plant
  • Medical preparation :- Dasamoolam kashayam

It is a general tonic and aphrodisiac, has a calming, sedative effect and also used control inflammation, fever and neurological imbalances. The plant has unique medicinal value to regulate the function of the nervous system, venous system and arterial system.

  • Sanskrit: Salaparni, Guha, Sthira, anshumat
  • English: Desmodium gangeticum
  • Hindi: Sarivan
  • Malayalam: Orila
  • Family: Fabaceae
  • Genus: Desmodium
  • Botanical name: Desmodium gangeticum DC.
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