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    Herbal Mix to make Boiled Water
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Dahashamani is a mixture of Ayurvedic Indian herbs that are boiled with drinking water to get a slightly dark coloured brew with a unique flavour. It is an excellent drink with numerous health benefits like purifying the blood, improving the digestion and cooling the body. Traditional dahashamani preparation involves some of the ingredients like Dry ginger (Chukka), Cardamom (Elakkaya), Cloves (Grambu), Coriander seeds (Malli), Mimosa catechu (Karingali), Sappanwood (Pathimukham), Vetiver (Ramacham), Puncture vine (Njerinjil) and Sandalwood (Mysore chandanaam). The use of these herbs gives away a light pink colour and delicious unique flavour.

Method of preparation of Dahashamani water

  • Heat some water in a boiling pan
  • Add some Dahashamani mixture and heat it to a boil.
  • Strain the water and drink it once it is cooled to a suitable level.

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