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Pinda Thailam
Pinda Thailam
Pinda Thailam

Pinda Thailam

Pinda Thailam

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Pinda Thailam (Pinda Tailom) - Buy Online Ayurvedic massage oil

Pinda Thailom is also known as pinda oil is a massage oil used in many ayurvedic treatments because of its Pitta reducing properties. It is prepared from ayurvedic herbs and plants like Manjistha, sharibe. Manjistha gives the red colour to the oil.  Thailom is pariculalrly useful for rhematoid arthritis. It can also be used as general massage oil. Apart from rheumatic treatments, Pinda Thailam is also considered to be an important medicine against autoimmune diseases, gout, inflammation and the problems due to excess heat.

How to use Pinda Thailom?

It is applied externally. Ayurvedic Treatment methods like Abhyanga, Januvasti, Dhara etc make use this oil for its application.

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