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Red Sandal Powder
Red Sandal Powder
Red Sandal Powder

Red Sandal Powder

Red Sandal Powder

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    Red Sandalwood powder, Raktha Chandana Podi
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Sandalwood appears in two different forms one is normal sandalwood and the other is the red coloured woody tree mainly used for cosmetic purposes. Traditionally, red sandalwood powder is used for removing black spots and scars. It is believed to have skin lightening and anti-gaining properties. It is used against wrinkles and fine lines to get a great young skin tone. This plant grows up to a height of 800-900 meters and is available in the hilly area of Southern and Western India. It has a unique taste and is believed to have a positive effect against certain ailments like vomiting, cough, hyperdipsia, fever etc

Tags: Red Sandalwood powder, ayurvedic products, skin care

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