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Rice Vattal - Spicy
Rice Vattal - Spicy
Rice Vattal - Spicy

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Rice Vattal - Spicy

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    Rice Vattal, Spicy Rice Vattal, Koozh Vadam, Arisi Koozh Vathal
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    Rice Vattal, Spicy Rice Vattal, Koozh Vadam, Arisi Koozh Vathal

    Sun dried rice vattal അരി  കൊണ്ടാട്ടം is made from good quality rice. Crispy fried rice vattal can be easily prepared and this recipe goes well with rice. The presence of red chillies gives a light reddish colour and a mild spicy flavour. It attains brown texture on frying. Have a look at the method of frying these sun-dried rice vattal pieces.

    Method of cooking

    • Heat some oil in a  deep frying pan.
    • Once the oil is sufficiently hot, add some of the sun-dried rice vattal pieces and stir fry it for few minutes.
    • When it is fried to a crispy state and attains a brown flavour, take it off from the oil and keep it on a kitchen tissue for removing excess oil.
    • Serve this tasty fried recipe as a side dish for rice.

    Products Specifications

    • Packet :1 Packet( 200 Gm Approx)
    • Material :Vegetarian
    • Type: Kondattoms and Pappads

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