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Thamara Valayam Kondattom - Buy Online

Thamara Valayam Kondattom - Buy Online

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Thamara Valayam Kondattom -Home Made Thamara Valayam Vathal (താമരവളയം) Lotus Root

Sun Dried Lotus Root Fryms are a special vattal variety popular among the people from Palakkad region of Kerala. Once fried in oil, these sun-dried salty fryums becomes crispy, crunchy and are served as a side dish with South Indian Meals.

What is Vathal or Vattal? Lotus Root Sun Dried

Vathal or Vattal is a sun-dried vegetable which can be stored for over a year. They are deep fried and served as an accompaniment along with rice and rasam or sambar. They are also used in some gravy preparations instead of vegetables.

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