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Raw rice - Unakkalari
Raw rice - Unakkalari
Raw rice - Unakkalari

Raw rice - Unakkalari

Raw rice - Unakkalari

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    Kerala Special rice variety - Raw Rice (Unakkalari)
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Buy online Raw rice - Unakkalari (ഉണക്കലരി) Kerala Unakalari raw Rice for Kerala Sweet Dessert Kheer Ari Payasam Rice

Raw Rice - Unakkalari is a kind of raw rice without removing the rice bran. This rice variety is normally available in Wayanad and Kuttanad parts of Kerala.

Uses and helath benefits of Raw rice unakalari

Traditionally, unakkalari ഉണക്കലരി  is known for its nutritious contents and disease-preventing qualities. The presence of rice bran in unakkalari increases the nutritious benefits. The reddish brown colour of this rice is due to the presence of rice bran. It is considered to be a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids. The method of preparation of this rice is slightly different from that of the normal rice. That's, the paddy is cleaned and the boiling part is skipped. The wet paddy is spread, dried well enough in shadow and pounded to get the unakkalari.

  • The Kanji (Boiled rice with water) prepared using unakkalari is taken by the patients to recover from post disease effects. Ayurvedic treatments also advise the intake of unakkalari kanji for several diseases.
  • Unakkalari can also be used for making puttu and payasam. Payasams prepared using this rice is known for its delicious taste and unique aroma.

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