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Coconut Scraper Stool (Thenga Chirava) - Wooden
Coconut Scraper Stool (Thenga Chirava) - Wooden
Coconut Scraper Stool (Thenga Chirava) - Wooden
Coconut Scraper Stool (Thenga Chirava) - Wooden
Coconut Scraper Stool (Thenga Chirava) - Wooden

Buy Coconut Scraper Stool (Thenga Chirava) - Wooden Online

Coconut Scraper Stool (Thenga Chirava) - Wooden

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    Thenga Chirava Stool Kerala Style Wooden Coconut Scraper stool
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    Thenga Chirava, Stool Chirava, Wooden Coconut Scraper Stool, Stool Cum Coconut Scraper, Wooden Coconut Shredder - Buy Online | NatureLoc

    Wooden coconut scraper stool or Stool Chirava (ചിരവ) is a very popular kitchen tool which can be used to scrape coconuts and when it's done can safely be used as a stool. Top-quality wood collected is worked on by gifted carpenters to create this handcrafted product. The iron scraper is designed perfectly positioned in such a way that after usage can be kept folded inside the rectangular stool box. 

    How to fix coconut scrapper Thenga coconut (തേങ്ങ) chirava (ചിരവ/ചെരവ)?

    Wooden plate fitted beneath the metal scraper, towards the bottom portion of the rectangular box can be pulled out and the flat vessels or plates placed above this wooden plate can hold the falling grated coconut pieces. Unlike many other table fitting coconut scrapers, this product would easily be more useful to your kitchen. Each leg is fitted with plastic bush and this makes it suitable for all floor types like Marble, Granite, Tiles etc. Slight dimensional variations are common as each of these products is handcrafted to perfect the design. Have a detailed look at the dimensions of Stool Chirava or Wooden coconut scraper stool.

    NatureLoC coconut Scrapper Products Specifications

    Dimensions of Stool Chirava or Wooden coconut scraper stool (ചിരവ)

    • Material - Mahagony Wood
    • Total Weight - 5.5kg - 7kg
    • Length - 37- 40cm 
    • Width - 28-33cm
    • Height - 40-45cm

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