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Kondattams Kondattoms/Vattals - Buy Online

 Kondattams - Kondattoms - Vattals Buy online

Fresh homemade  Kondattams - Kondattoms - Vattals Buy online (കൊണ്ടാട്ടം)

Kondaattams are dried vegetables ready for fry and eat with rice. They can be made of various vegetables,raw fruits,tubers,roots, .... Salted curd chillies are a delicious hot delicacy served as a side dish for South Indian meals. These dried chillies have a light golden brown texture. On frying, they attains a dark brown colour and goes well with hot steaming rice .Natureloc provides fresh home made kondattams or kondattoms or vattals 

  • Salted Curd Chillies, Thyre Mulaku, Mor Milagai 
  • Bitter gourd - Pavakka kondattaoms
  • Chundanga, Sundakkai or Turkey Berries or Chundakka
  • Payar kondattaoms
  • Rice Vattal kondattaoms and more.....