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Amruth (Chittamrithu)

Amruth (Chittamrithu)

Amruth (Chittamrithu)

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    Amruth - Medicinal Herb Paracetamol of Ayurveda
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Buy Online Amruth, Chittamrith -ayurvedic herbs 

There are many common names for this species in different languages. Tamil:Shindilakodi), Malayalam:(Amruthu, അമൃത് Chittamruthu),ചിറ്റമൃത് Kannada:(Amrutha Balli), Sanskrit: Guduchi, Amrta.

The plant is known as the Paracetamol of Ayurveda. The name “Amruth” means it defeat the death. It is a main content of ayurvedic medicine “Amritharishtam”.

In the Indian tradition, Amruth was used to control high fever. And also maintain and control the heat of the body.

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