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Sappanwood Sticks - Pathimukham Sticks
Sappanwood Sticks - Pathimukham Sticks
Sappanwood Sticks - Pathimukham Sticks

Sappanwood Sticks - Pathimukham Sticks

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    Sappanwood Sticks, Pathimukham Sticks, Patamg, Bakam Herb
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    Pathimukham or Sappanwood - Buy Online , Patamg, Bakam Herb order online from

    Pathimukam or Sappanwood is a one of a thorny tree which grows up to a height of 6-9m and has a thickness of 15-25 cm in trunk diameter.  The heartwood of this tree is used for producing a red colour which is used in colouring fabrics and food.  It is also cultivated for its medicinal value.

    Pathimukham or Sappanwood uses

    Various parts of the plant like heartwood, barks, flowers and roots are all used for different purposes. Water boiled with Pathimukam or Sappanwood heartwood pieces is known for its rich diuretic, thirst quenching, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidative properties. It has blood purifying qualities and is considered to be a good drink for diabetic patients. People make use of this water for the treatment of cough, jaundice, respiratory problems etc.

    Method of preparation of Pathimukham or Sappanwood Dahashamani water

    • Heat some water in a boiling pan
    • Add some Pathimukam or SappanwoodDahashamani mixture and heat it to a boil.
    • Strain the water and drink it once it is cooled to a suitable level.

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