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Dried Meat (Idiyirachi)
Dried Meat (Idiyirachi)
Dried Meat (Idiyirachi)
Dried Meat (Idiyirachi)
Dried Meat (Idiyirachi)

Dried Meat (Idiyirachi)

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    100% hygienic Dry Meat (Idiyirachi / Unakka Erachi )
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    Dried Meat | Idiyirachi |Unakka Erachi | Dry Meat | Ediyirachi 
    Homemade nadan unakkairachi നാടൻ ഉണക്കയിറച്ചി 

    Dried Meat, Idiyirachi or Unakka Erachi is known to be one of the specialties of Kerala cuisine. It is used in making some tasty side dishes that goes very well with boiled rice and rice gruel (Kanji). These well-dried meat pieces have dark reddish brown colour and can be stored for long periods. 

    Products Details:

    • Ingredients : meat
    • Material Feature : Non-Veg 
    • Shelf life : 6 months
    • Storage: Store in an air tight container, dry and cool place.

    Method of cooking- How to prepare idiyirachi in nadan style?

    Unlike other brands, It does not have a smoke flavor, as it is prepared by heat and smoke is not applied for drying. Machine dried sliced and dried meat pieces are not required to be kept in water before cooking. These crushed pieces can be fried in oil along with coarsely grated dried red chilies, black pepper, garlic pieces and curry leaves. As this meat pieces already contains salt, additional use of salt should be made as per the taste.

    Method of Production Dried Meat Unakka Idiyirachi

    Natureloc makes dry meat / Idiyirachi or Unakka Erachi in a 100% hygienic environment. The production process is mentioned as follows.

    Top quality meat is collected and the white coloured fat content is carefully removed, which gives us true meat and is then sliced into medium sized pieces. These meat pieces are washed with clean water. Salt and turmeric powder is applied on these cleaned pieces, which is placed on hygienic plates and then kept in a dryer for dehydration. Once the process is over, we get top quality dried meat. Kerala grind-stones (Arakallu) is used in crushing these dried meat pieces. It does not have a smoke flavor, as it is prepared by heat and smoke is not applied for drying.

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