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Foxtail Millet Thinai Kangni
Foxtail Millet Thinai Kangni
Foxtail Millet Thinai Kangni

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Foxtail Millet Thinai Kangni

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    Foxtail millet (Thinai Kangni തിന)
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    Foxtail millet Thinai Kangni തിന) - Millets varieties

    Foxtail millet Setaria italica (synonym Panicum italicum L.), is an annual grass grown for human food. It is the second-most widely planted species of millet, and the most grown millet species in Asia.

    What is foxtail millet Thinai  called in India? 

    • Foxtail millet (English)
    • Hindi: कांगणी (Kangni) कंगनी खिचड़ी
    • Punjabi: ਕਂਗਣੀ/کنگنی‎ (Kangni)
    • फॉक्सटेल बाजरा phoksatel baajara
    •  Navane (Kannada), Thinai (Tamil), Kang (Gujarati) and Rala (Marathi).
    • Fox tail is also known as Italian millet, and German millet. It is generally grown as a rainfed crop in India.

    Is foxtail millet (कांगणी (Kangni) ) good for health? Health benefits of foxtail millets

    • NatureLoC foxtails millet soft and delicious 100% natural.
    • Millets are least allergic and most digestible grains available
    • Millets are least allergic and most digestible grains available.
    • Insoluble fiber in millets lowers triglycerides.
    • Millets contain high amounts of lecithin which is good for nervous system.
    • Magnesium in millets reduces frequency of migraine attacks.
    • Millets reduce the risk of type 2 diabets mellitus.
    • Millets are high in phosphorus, a mineral that is an important constituent of nucleic acids,which are building blocks of gentic code.
    • Millets help women combat gallstones,reduce risk of wheezing and asthma amomg children.
    • Benefits post menopausal women who have heart ailments high blood pressure and cholestrol levels.
    • Millets contain phytonutrient lingams that act against breast cancer and reduce risk of heart ailments.

    How to prepare foxtail millet? Usage Thina

    Usage:can be cooked into discrete grains,similar to rice by conventional methods such as open pan or pressure cooker or in rice cooker or such other methods like lemon rice,cured rice,tomato rice and fried rice etc.

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