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Honey (Vanthen )
Honey (Vanthen )
Honey (Vanthen )

Honey (Vanthen )

Honey (Vanthen )

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    100% Pure Honey - Vanthen Kerala Natural honey
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Honey vanthen Big honey വൻതേൻ?

Kerala Natural honey -NatureLoC honey Van then buy online 

Forest honey (Kattu then - van then വൻതേൻ) Bees make honey from the nectar that they collect from flowers, other plant saps and honeydew are used to a minor extent. This honey colour, aroma and consistency of honey all depend upon which flowers the bees have been foraging. Forager honeybees are always female worker bees. The queen bee and drone bees never forage for food.

Health benefits of van then forest honey ?

Pure gold in a bottle,  honey boosts immunity, helps in weight loss & heals the body. Stay healthy! Replace unhealthy sugar In food or have it in water water every morning. Honey for health. Weight Management. Honey Benefits.Is Honey Good For Health?Is Honey Good for You, or Bad?Is raw honey safe Is honey healthier than sugar?When should I eat honey?Can honey reduce tummy?What are the disadvantages of honey?

Honey -van then Big honey വൻതേൻ As food for humans

Honey is a useful source of high-carbohydrate food, and usually contains a rich diversity of minor constituents (minerals, proteins, vitamins and others), adding nutritional variety to human diets.

Kerala Natural Stingless Bee honey Natural Cheruthen -Products details:

  • Sourcing method- Honey (then)Sourced naturally from houses at Kottayam & Idukki.Kerala 
  • Packing Type: Glass Bottle 250gm/500GM
  • Ingredient -Honey
  • Material feature: veg
  • Storage: In a dry and cool place

Does Honey Spoil ? Everything You Need To Know About Honey Explained

  • Shelf life Honey : Honey is one of the few foods that can last you for many years and still be edible. Over time, your honey may crystallize (turn cloudy, solidify and become granular resembling white crystals), but crystallization of honey simply does not mean that it has gone bad. Crystallization is a sign of pure honey. It is a natural process that may occur, since honey is highly saturated sugar solution. If this happens, just place the jar in warm water for few minutes and the honey will get back to its liquid form.
 Stingless bee Honey  other languages
  •  നാടൻ ചെറുതേൻ
  • English-Honey,Vanthen 

How to Store Honey

Honey can easily suck in moisture if it is left unsealed and therefore, it is important to close the lid tightly after every use. If you leave it out in a humid environment it will naturally spoil. Keep it away from sunlight and heat and store it at a cool room temperature.

  • Keep it tightly closed after each use.
  • Store it in dry area.
  • Keep it away from sunlight & heat.
  • Store it in cool room temperature

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