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NatureLoc Dry Fruits Combo
NatureLoc Dry Fruits Combo
NatureLoc Dry Fruits Combo
NatureLoc Dry Fruits Combo
NatureLoc Dry Fruits Combo

NatureLoc Dry Fruits Combo

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    100% premium quality pistachios (pista)+ Almond (Badam)  + Cashew (kaju)

    NatureLoc brings to you a range of premium nuts and dried fruits

    Hygienically packed in a facility meeting international food safety standards

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    This is a combo of Dry Fruits - Pista (500Gm) + Badam (500Gm) + Cashew Nuts (500Gm)

    Pista | Pistachio

    * Pistachios are high in antioxidants, promote healthy gut bacteria, and the best part of it all - are low in calories yet high in protein! If this doesn’t make them a top contender for snack time, we don’t know what will!. 

    * Pistachios are good for bones, teeth and eye health

    * High in antioxidants Pistachios fight inflammation, protect blood vessels

    * High Fiber content and low calories make it an excellent nut for weight management

    Badam | Almond

    * Rich source of protein and fibre. Almonds are rich sources of vitamins and minerals

    * From heart health to weight management, immunity and more, almonds benefit you in many ways 

    * Lower cholesterol levels

    * Rich in nutrition and tasty too.

    * Almond can be used for different recipes, like smoothie, Cake, Cookies, Bars, etc

    * Almonds are rich in magnesium, calcium, copper, manganese, protein, vitamin K, zinc, etc., which together ensure optimal bone health

    Cashew | kaju

    * Gluten-free, and vegan-friendly Cashews that make it a great tasty snack. Plant protein.

    * When you buy NatureLoc kajus, you can be assured of consistent delivery of premium quality, premium packaging and crunchy and flavourful cashews.

    * A handpicked selection of nuts that are uniform and ideal in color

    * Rich in protein, magnesium & phosphorus, which contributes to the maintenance of bone health

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    Testimonial Customers/Minnu-dani-natureloc-80x80.jpg
    Ann Minnu John
    Thanks to Natureloc. Finally I got a place to order natural & fresh baby foods from the comfort of my home. The products delivered are so fresh and homemade so that we can give to kids happily..
    Ahil Baby
    Bangalore is the Super store from where I usually order all my favorite homemade delicacies & kitchenware.. :)
    Aleena Mathew
    New Delhi
    I've been a regular customer for NatureLoc for last 3 Yrs.. Good Quality & authentic products..
    Archana Anumod
    Purity of your ghee will help in my pregnancy
    Harshada Desai
    Mortar and Pestle (Idikallu) -Stone : " Loved it"