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Cashew nuts - Salted
Cashew nuts - Salted
Cashew nuts - Salted

Cashew nuts - Salted

Cashew nuts - Salted

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    Salted Kaaju - Premium Quality Cashew nuts (Grade 210)
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Cashew nuts - Salted Kaaju- Buy Online

Size W210

Kajoo Salted Cashewnuts salted 210 Order Online

Cashew Nuts Second International trade Major edible nuts

Salted cashew nuts provide a delightful snacking experience. The sweetness of the nut is enhanced with the presence of adequate amount of salt. Cashew nut ranks second in international trade amongst the major edible nuts. Its high nutritional value work as great health boosters and a good source of monounsaturated fats and proteins. Salted cashews are a treat. There's nothing like the taste of a freshly salted cashew. Sprinkling a little salt on the nuts enhances the taste of the crispy snack. A steaming mug of tea along with salted cashew nuts is known to be one of a delicious recipe combinations. 

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