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Ragi - Finger Millets

Ragi - Finger Millets

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    INGREDIENTS Ragi (Muthary, Koovaraku , Panja pullu) Finger millet.  Ragi or Finger millet is one of an important cereal variety which occupies the highest area of cultivation among the millets. 

    HOW TO USE: Like Banana Powder or ethakka podi prepare porridge for kids. If Ragi is to be considered, it can be used whole as well as in flour form, depending on the recipe.

    SHELF LIFE: 9 Months Millet will keep for about two months when properly stored in a kitchen cabinet, four months in the refrigerator, and six months or longer in the freezer.

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    Ragi diet for diabetes,cholesterol and high B.P -Ragi (Muthary, Koovaraku , Panja pullu) Finger millet

    Ragi or Finger millet - Buy Online

    Ragi or Finger millet is one of an important cereal variety which occupies the highest area of cultivation among the millets. This nutritious cereal is rich in proteins, iron, fiber, calcium and minerals. It contains unsaturated fat and its overall fat content is much lower when compared to other cereal varieties. It is also one of an easily available gluten free millet and hence is advisable for the persons sensitive to gluten. Ragi is also an excellent ingredient for a weight reducing diet. The presence of dietary fibers and complex carbohydrates makes the digestion of ragi a slower process, this would keep one away from taking excess food. The calcium presence in ragi or finger millet would have a positive effect on strengthening the bones. It is again a natural source of calcium for the children and the aged ones. 

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