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Banana Powder
Banana Powder
Banana Powder
Banana Powder

Banana Powder

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    INGREDIENTS: Raw Banana Dried Powder/Ethakka Podichathu /Infants babies porridge powder. Kerala Raw Banana Powder comes with many health benefits it boosts immunity,helps healthy weight for infant, babies use in porridge form. is a gluten-free, easily digestible cereal loaded with the calcium and fibre of raw banana. A rich source of energy and helps in weight gain, this is a powerhouse of protein, rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorous

    HOW TO USE: Banana Powder or ethakka podi Just mix it with water or milk and cook over a low flame until hot and thick.

    Shelf Life : 3 Months

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    Buy Online Raw Banana Powder/Green Ethakaya or Nendran kaya dried powder Banana flour/powder Order Online

    What are the benefits of banana powder? ഏത്തക്കായ പൊടിHow Raw banana powder is very beneficial for your baby's health?

    Raw Banana Powder ഏത്തക്കായ പൊടിis a natural powder made from the finest quality of the Nendran bananas. It does not contain any preservatives, additives or added sugar. Raw Banana Powder is versatile in nature due to its nutritional benefits and multiple usages. Nutrients and Texture make the porridge mix suitable for all ages.

    Kerala Raw Banana Powder -Key Ingredients:

       Dehydrated banana powder

    Sourcing and preparation of NatureLoC raw banana dried and powder?Nendran kaya dried Ethakaya podi raw green banana powder

    • Top-quality natural banana is sliced into round shaped pieces, it is then dried to form dehydrated banana slices. These dried banana slices are grounded to form the fine banana powder. Many of the recipes like the milkshake, different types of cakes and biscuits make use of this flour for production.
    • We source fresh raw bananas from local Kerala farms. Bananas are grown organically.
    • Raw Banana Powder is purely homemade and free from preservatives or other chemical additives for taste, color or flavor. No diary and gluten. Free from salt/sugar. Product contains 100% Natural Banana powder.
    • This Raw Kerala Banana Powder comes with many health benefits like Boosts Immunity, Helps Healthy Weight Gain, Easily Digestible, Rich in Iron and Calcium.

    Why should you buy NatureLoC Green Raw Banana Powder?

    • Natural: No chemical preservatives added making this product 100% natural
    • Made in Small Batches
    • Non Factory Made
    • No bulk manufacturing
    • Material Feature: Veg
    • Shelf life: 3 months
    • Package content -250 gm packets
    • Ingredients : Raw/Green Banana Powder (ഏത്തക്കായ പൊടി Nendran Kaya Powder)

    Directions of use: Preparation of raw banana powder porridge 

    • Take 2 level scoops (approx 20 gm) in a vessel.
    • Add 180 ml of milk and stir well.
    • Boil the mixture for two mins.
    • Add sugar if required. 

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    Customer questions & answers

    Question:Can I give banana powder (ethakya podi)to baby?

    Answer:Yes, Bananas are an excellent source of nutrition and make great first foods to babies.

    Question:When can I introduce Raw Banana Powder to baby?

    Answer:The ideal age to introduce sold food to your baby is over six months of age.

    Question:Ideal age to introduce raw banana powder for babies

    Answer:The ideal age to introduce any kind of solid food to your baby is when he is over six months of age. Therefore, this nutritious powder can be given to babies after six months, or when your baby is ready for solid foods.

    Question:What are the items included in the package

    Answer:Kerala raw banana powder (ethakaya podi) homemade with natural ingredients. Diary free gluten free. No added salt, sugar, preservatives, additives

    Question:How do I know if the banana porridge is well cooked or not?

    Answer:It is easy to establish whether or not the porridge is cooked. Once the porridge gets cooked, it will leave the sides of the pan.

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    Ann Minnu John
    Thanks to Natureloc. Finally I got a place to order natural & fresh baby foods from the comfort of my home. The products delivered are so fresh and homemade so that we can give to kids happily..
    Ahil Baby
    Bangalore is the Super store from where I usually order all my favorite homemade delicacies & kitchenware.. :)
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    I've been a regular customer for NatureLoc for last 3 Yrs.. Good Quality & authentic products..
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    Purity of your ghee will help in my pregnancy
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    Mortar and Pestle (Idikallu) -Stone : " Loved it"